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Filtration Solutions, Inc. (FSI) would like to earn your business for filtration products and services. As you look to compare FSI thermal filter interchanges for this given market. Consider that the end result is really the beginning of the selection process for filters in order to achieve the level of filtration required. That is why FSI thermal filter interchanges are comparable to the OEM in performance.


There are many reasons for the type and style of a given filter as it is applied to achieve a desired level of: equipment protection, Occupant protection, or manufacturing objectives. Whether your need is in Air, Lube Oils, Hydraulic Fluids, Water, or Chemical, Filtration Solutions, Inc. will work with you to achieve your desired end result.

OEM Part Number Boiler Model Number Filtration Solutions Inc Part Number Check for quote Request Check for Information Quantity
81156013 EVH / EVA-250 1431
81156009 EVH / EVA-500 1378
81156011 EVH / EVA-750 1334
81156011 EVH / EVA-1000 1334
81156011 EVH / EVA-1500 1334
81156012 EVH / EVA-2000 1001
81156101 EVH / EVA-2500 1376
81156101 EVH / EVA-3000 1376
FSI Pre-wrap
P ⁄ N
Polyster Pre-wrap Size Check for quote Request Check for Information Quantity
1548 4-31
7096 6-78
5576 8-34
6420 10-01

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Filtration Solutions, Inc. defines interchange as comparable to OEM. Combustion air filters are critical in the proper operating of boiler and Hot water heaters. Check out our interchanges and give us a try.

Thermal Solutions LLC part numbers and equipment models are used for reference and Identification only, trademarks or copy rights if any are own by Thermal Solutions LLC.